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Ezaki Dentistry | Ezaki Mobile Dentistry in Whittier

Ezaki Dentistry
Ramsey A. Ezaki, DDS, INC
16336 E. Whittier Blvd. Suite 101, Whittier, CA 90603
(562) 947-9958

Imagine the good a smile can do!

Ezaki Mobile Dentistry - Serving the Patient and Community

AGD Member

"We partner with the patient, their family and their physicians to achieve the quality of life they desire and deserve."

Ramsey A. Ezaki, D.D.S.        


Improved quality of life has been the driving force since the first person sought relief from dental pain. People seek dental treatment to be free of pain, to be able to eat and speak without discomfort, to have a pleasing smile, and to be free of bad breath and disease. Although medicine is divided into many specialties, the patient must be treated as a whole person. Dentistry is a specialty within the scope of medicine and must be included when treating the patient. Conversely, dentists must understand the medical, pharmalogical, psychological, social, familial, and financial implications of the individual.

Until now, rarely has this all-encompassing form of health-care been provided. EZAKI MOBILE DENTISTRY is now integrating a comprehensive dental-medical effort in improving the quality of life for our community. Health-care professionals, auxiliary care providers, and our team of dental providers work together to better understand the logistics, limitations, and options for your patient. With the average senior citizen having 8-12 daily medications, the drug intereactions, including those important to us as dentists, are very complex. In understanding these complexitities and our own limitations, we have engaged the help of gerato-pharmacologists/pharmacists to guide us in these understandings.

A major limitation of acces to dental care has been the transporting of the patient to a dental office. EZAKI MOBILE DENTISTRYwill COME TO YOUR FACILITY and provide basic and routine dental services. Reclinable wheel chairs, portable dental equipment (compressor/vacuum), dental instruments and ancillary equipment will be transported to you!

Who determines the quality of life? Traditionally, the clinical measurement of health was determined by health-care providers simply as they individually interpreted the patient's well-being. It was strictly a subjective determination and often unilaterally done by the health professional without the input of the patient or family. How the consumers view their own well-being strongly impacts health care systems. More emphasis must be placed on the patient's desires, familial input, as well as a team approach to the over well-being of the patient.

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