Ramirez and Ezaki Dentistry

Imagine the good a smile can do!

Ramirez and Ezaki Dentistry

Imagine the good a smile can do!


"I wanted to thank Dr. Ezaki for his care and concern for my teeth. It means a lot to me to have a true friend who is also a caring and compassionate professional. Both he and his staff are great and I don't hesitate to recommend him whenever I get the chance."

-Meg R. from Whittier, California

"Dr. Ezaki has been so good to my 90-year-old mom. He is respectful to seniors and keeps his patients informed about all aspects of their treatment. I don't think Mom ever got to see the inside of her mouth until Dr. Ezaki entered her life and used the camera and wall monitor to show exactly what the situation was and what work needed to be done... What a comfort to have Mom respected this way!"

-Sherry B. from Whittier, California

"I was immediately impressed with Dr. Ezaki's philosophy of prevention and control of dental problems. I was awed with his beyond the state of the art instant digital x-rays and use of the intra oral camera for diagnosing my dental problems. I could see within seconds where the cavities were and the damage that they had done. And of course I could see the improvement once Dr. Ezaki had skillfully worked on my teeth. In all I am impressed with Dr. Ezaki's Dental Practice and highly recommend him.

- Annette Stanton RN, BSN, PHN, CCM

"My reason for switching to Dr. Ezaki was that the poor dental work performed by my previous dentists finally resulted in the need for me to have major teeth and dental prosthesis repair or replacement. Accordingly, I contacted Dr. Ezaki about my condition and after a thorough analysis of my situation using what I believe to be state-of-the-art technology, he developed a detailed plan on how to deal with the situation. We then discussed alternative techniques that might be employed to solve the problem wherein he explained everything in layman terms to my total satisfaction. During the implementation of his work, Dr. Ezaki could not have been more responsive to my needs and the ultimate success of the plan. I would like to also mention that his staff is the most attentive and competent I have ever seen in a dental office, from the receptionist, to the hygienist and his assistants."

-Stan J. from Whittier, California

"I am a new patient fo Dr. Ezaki and every time I walk into the office I am pleasantly surprised by the friendly office staff, who go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable in an atmosphere where most people feel somewhat nervous or anxious. Dr. Ezaki isa true professional and I might even say a perfectionist, which is a plus in this field. Another thing that I appreciate is the face that when I make an appointment, Dr. Ezaki and his staff ensure that I am seen in a timely manner. I have had a lot of dental work done by Dr. Ezaki and it has been irtually painless. My thanks to Dr. Ezaki and his staff."

-Karen A.

We are always so appreciative of the kinds words from our patients! If you have any comments or ways we can help, don't hesitate to call or send us an email!